Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic at Rockefeller Center 2024

Step inside The Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic and experience an intimate immersive wonderland of theatrical confectionery, where guests are invited to discover the essence of Christmas magic. 

New York Christmas 2024 all you need to know

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Introduction of The Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic

As part of the sugary fun, then step outside for a memory-making holiday scavenger hunt around Rockefeller Center and find the ingredients of your own Christmas magic!

Just a hop-skip-and-a-gumdrop from the world-famous ice-skating rink and iconic Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center in the heart of Manhattan, the cozy The Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic invites guests to explore its shelves of enchanting sweets and entertaining treats.

This is the first stop of a jaw-dropping journey, including a holiday scavenger hunt around the storied Rockefeller Center, that ensures mouth-watering moments and the chance to make the very sweetest of holiday memories all season.

Discover the Essence of Christmas Magic

The Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic, discovered many, many years ago nestled inside the trunk of a Christmas Tree, has a sweet and storied mythology. Its sole purpose is to help guests find their own Christmas magic, unique to each person’s particular taste.

Over the years, the cottage has been flooded with magical sugar pouring in at its seams; the only way to save the cottage from decay is for the cottage workers to take the sugar, magically turn it into edible candy, and give it to all who enter.

Each holiday season, people travel far and wide to delight in the cottage’s magic, and they leave feeling the holiday spirit at its sweetest, eager to share their festive finds and feelings with everyone they meet.

Immerse Into a Swirling Sugar Rush Fantasy Unlike Any Other

As the first stop on the sugary adventure, guests of all-ages enter The Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic and get their fill of delicious discoveries inside the cozy cottage.

The story then takes them on a memory-making magical holiday hunt only possible at Rockefeller Center, where kids and kids-at-heart alike connect with the childhood joys of Christmas across the storied New York landmark campus.

The Christmas cheer is topped off back inside the cottage in a truly enchanting memory-making moment that wonderfully wraps the most perfect way to experience NYC this holiday season.

Where is the The Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic?

The Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic is located in the Rockefeller Center complex in Midtown Manhattan. Its exact location is 610 5th Avenue, Channel Gardens, next to the Rockefeller Center ice rink and the statue of Prometheus. It is specifically located between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue, and between 49th Street and 50th Street. This area is considered by many to be the center of New York and is easily accessible by both public transportation and walking. During the holiday season, this area is where the heart of New York beats, as locals and tourists flock to admire the decorations.

What is near?

In the Rockefeller Center area you can see, the iconin Christmas Tree, the now classic giant Christmas balls in the fountain across from Radio City Music Hall, the huge Candy Canes just down 6th Avenue, the nearby Fox Square Christmas Tree and Tunnel Christmas Tree and of course Radio City Music Hall where you can see the Christmas Spectacular show. Finally, don’t miss Saks Fifth Avenue light show, which has now become a Christmas must see.

Within walking distance are Times Square (9 minutes, 0.4 miles), Bryant Park (11 minutes, 0.5 miles), Central Park (12 minutes, 0.5 miles), MoMA ( 7 minutes, 0.3 miles), Grand Central Terminal (10 minutes, 0.5 miles) and many other attractions.