Christmas House NYC (Oculus) 2024

Christmas House NYC is an indoor, one of a kind, fully immersive Christmas experience. A wondrous 45+ minute walk-through of all things Christmas, followed by a glorious gift shop!

New York Christmas 2024 all you need to know

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Christmas House NYC is an indoor, one of a kind, fully immersive Christmas experience. A wondrous 45+ minute walk-through of all things Christmas!

Everything you love about Christmas, all in one place. All of your favorite Christmas sights, sounds, and smells come to life in Christmas House NYC! Many unique experiences including the first ever Snow Room, the North Pole Movie Theater, the Indoor Light Show, and many more!

We pride ourselves on having not only the most imaginative Christmas experience possible, but the most engaging, interactive, and fun! In addition, we have the sweetest staff this side of the North Pole that will be happy to help you have the best Christmas House visit possible!

Christmas House NYC will have you in absolute Christmas bliss, excited to make your Christmas House visit a yearly tradition!

Christmas House NYC

The Indoor Light Show

All the fun, lights, and music of a drive thru light show, right inside Christmas House NYC! Watch thousands of beautiful lights dance to the music as you’re immersed in a light show unlike any you’ve ever seen!

Christmas House NYC

The Christmas Carnival

Over a dozen amazing Christmas themed carnival games! There are no time limits so spend as much time as you want, and play as many games as you want, as many times as you want!

Christmas House NYC

The North Pole

Immerse yourself in our North Pole, complete with everything from Santa and the elves, to a giant sleigh and reindeer!

Christmas House NYC

The Toobright Show

Step onto the stage of your very own Christmas themed late night talk show! Read from the cue cards, interview a guest, and banter with your co host Jack Skellington!

Christmas House NYC

The Christmas Karaoke Party

Sing your favorite Christmas carols and Christmas songs, dance, or just have fun and play our Christmas House NYC Movie Trivia!

Christmas House NYC

Blockbuster Christmas

Blockbuster Video is back! Step back in time in our Blockbuster Christmas Room, complete with all of the things you loved about Blockbuster, including your favorite Christmas VHS tapes, the classic Blockbuster rental ‘clamshells’, and play Christmas Movie Poster Trivia!

Christmas House NYC

The Snow Room

With our fully built out Christmas House NYC, complete with real snow (!!!!), have a snowball fight with your friends and family, all from the warmth and comfort of the indoors!

Christmas House NYC

The North Pole Movie Theater

Experience Elf on a 25 foot screen, right in the middle of The North Pole! You can watch the entire movie if you’d like, since at Christmas House NYC, we never have any time limits on any of our wonderful experiences!

Christmas House NYC

The Polar Bear

Experience the amazing Polar Bar, where you can shoot some pool, play some magnetic darts, hang out, and enjoy all of the amazing decor and Christmas music!

Christmas House NYC

The Christmas Eve Room

All the warmth, coziness, and nostalgia of Christmas Eve, right inside our Christmas Eve Room. Elvis singing, cookies and milk left out for Santa, and a beautiful tree with tons of presents, our Christmas Eve Room will feel just like your favorite Christmas Eve growing up!

Christmas House NYC

The Holidays Inn

Check in with The Grinch and explore over a dozen different themed ‘hotel’ rooms! The hotel rooms have everything from Home Alone to New Year’s Eve!