New York Dyker Heights 2024

New York Dyker Heights in brooklyn is the most festive neighborhood in new york. Every Christmas the neighborhood is transformed in impressive decorations and thousands of lights.

New York Christmas 2024 all you need to know

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During Christmas New York has a lot to offer: From shop windows full of decorations and lights to decorated roads and avenues and of course ice rinks. But one of the most beautiful areas during this time is of course Dyker Heights.

With a lot of fantasy and creativity the locals of Dyker Heights have transformed their neighborhood to a Real life wonderland. Prepare yourselves for an abundance of colors, holiday lights and a variety of Christmas decorations in this unique corner of New York!

New York Dyker Heights 2024

New York Dyker Heights

Dyker Heights is indeed another mundane New York neighborhood but when holiday season arrives locals put all their energy into making their home to whatever their heart’s wish is. Every year thousands of Christmas lights, in addition to many different decorations make this neighborhood seem like it came out of a movie.

Some choose subtle and sophisticated lights to decorate their homes, while others indulge in extravagance and even fill their pavement to the curb with all kinds of Christmas balls, inflatables and Christmas figures singing Christmas carols.

Why should I go to Dyker Heights during Christmas in New York?

Well if you like Christmas decorations and lights, we highly recommend it because it’s a unique experience to see a neighborhood with a Christmas theme. Locals go out of their way to impress visitors every year, and visitors enjoy photos with decorations Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, elves and more. Truth is, you’d be hard-pressed to find an undecorated house at Christmas time in this neighborhood.

New York Dyker Heights 2024

>How to get to New York Dyker Heights?

Dyker Heights is located in southwest Brooklyn, between the Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge neighborhoods. You can go on your own by public transportation or by taking a Brooklyn Christmas Tour in a comfortable vehicle that will take you back and forth from downtown Manhattan.

By public transport:

Dyker Heights is about an hour by subway from Manhattan. It doesn’t have a subway station but the surrounding neighborhoods do. There are many options to get there by public transport.

Take the R subway line and get off in the Bay Ridge neighborhood at the 86th St. There are cafes and shops around this metro stop, so if you want to go to the bathroom or buy something to warm up, you should do it here. Remember that Dyker Heights is a residential neighborhood and there are hardly any shops. To get there you only have to walk 15-20 minutes from the subway.

Take the D subway line and get off at the Bensonhurst neighborhood at the 79th St. Although this area also has some shops, the atmosphere is nothing like Bay Ridge. A 20-minute walk from the subway station will take you to Dyker Heights.

You can also take a bus from Wall Street and the X28 line, an alternative that drops you off at 86th St. and 12th Ave, a five-minute walk from the ornate houses. To return by bus to Manhattan you can take the B1 bus.

New York Dyker Heights 2024

With a guided Tour:

Christmas is a magical time of year in the city New York and there are many ways to enjoy it. If you love Christmas decorations, we recommend taking the Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights tour, as there are details you might miss if you do it yourself. This is undoubtedly one of the best tours to see the lights of New York at Christmas.

Not only will you see the lights of this quaint neighborhood, but you’ll explore it while listening to the tour guide’s anecdotes in Spanish, and you might even meet some of the owners of the decorated houses. Plus, you’ll save time and not be as cold in the middle of the winter in New York as you’ll be moving comfortably in a vehicle with the group instead of public transportation.

As a final touch to the tour, on the way back to Midtown you will stop at the Brooklyn Bridge to view the spectacular Manhattan skyline. In short, it’s a very comprehensive tour to enjoy the Christmas spirit of New York and we assure you that you will leave Dyker Heights with pleasant experience.

New York Dyker Heights 2024

What are the most famous houses in Dyker Heights?

The most spectacular decorations in Dyker Heights are located between 83rd and 86th Streets and between 10th and 12th Avenues. It is a neighborhood custom that the same houses are not decorated every year, but there are always surprises. The following houses are the most popular:

Lucy Spata’s house

This house is the most famous of this tradition and attracts crowds of tourists. It’s like the jewel of Dyker Heights. You’ll recognize it from the army of dazzling figures in her garden consisting of snowmen, soldiers and dozens of angels that she installed in honor of her mother who died in 1986. Located at 1152 84th Street.

The Polizzoto Family Home

On the same street but at number 1145 is the house of the Polizzoto family, which stands out because of the giant Santa Claus at the entrance of the house, the impressive merry-go-round in the garden and the toy soldiers that are almost 9 meters high.

The James Bonavito’s house

The Christmas decorations of this house is considered the most elegant in Dyker Heights and James Bonavito knows a lot about it since he owns the Christmas decoration company B&R. Gold, white, green and red lights decorate the facade and garden along with life-size figures.